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Volně přístupné knihy k tématu ukrajinské kultury v době ruské agrese

Výběr: Milena Khomchenko a Clemens Poole

V souvislosti s výstavou Nechť dlouhá. Cesta. Vede. Ke. Schodům v. Nebesích, jejímž tématem je problematika osudu Ukrajiny, vybíráme pět volně přístupných knih rozšiřujících její kontext o situaci ukrajinské kultury v době ruské agrese.

Serhii Plokhy:
The Gates of Europe: A History of Ukraine

Located at the western edge of the Eurasian steppe, Ukraine has long been the meeting place of empires—Roman to Ottoman, Habsburg to Russian—and they all left their imprint on the landscape, the language and the people living within these shifting borders. In this book, Harvard Professor and acclaimed author of Chernobyl, Serhii Plokhy traces the history of Ukraine from the arrival of the Vikings in the tenth century to the current Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine and annexation of Crimea. The Gates of Europe is the essential guide to understanding not just Ukraine's past but also its future.


Larysa Masenko, Viktor Kubaichuk, Orysia Demska-Kulchytska:
Ukrainian Language in the 20th Century: History of Linguocide: documents and materials

[only available in Ukrainian but of the most importance]

The collection contains documents and materials related to the language policy of the Soviet leadership in Ukraine. They shed light on insidious interference into internal development of the Ukrainian language intended to artificially bring it closer to Russian and destroy it as an independent language entity. On the basis of a set of documents and materials, a register of the repressed lexis has been created. The work is intended for researchers in humanities – philologists, historians, political scientists, teachers of relevant disciplines, students, graduate students and all those who care about the fate of their native language.


Volodymyr Yermolenko:
Ukraine in Histories and Stories: Essays by Ukrainian Intellectuals

The book is a collection of texts by contemporary Ukrainian intellectuals: writers, historians, philosophers, political analysts, opinion leaders. The texts have been written for an international audience. The collection combines reflections on Ukraine's history (or histories, in plural), and analysis of the present, conceptual ideas and life stories. The book presents a multi-faceted image of Ukrainian memory and reality: from the Holodomor to Maidan, from Russian aggression to cultural diversity, from the depth of the past to the complexity of the present.


Daria Tsymbaliuk and Victoria Donovan:
Limits of Collaboration: Art, Ethics, and Donbas

In 2020, a group of artists and researchers came together to explore the history and heritage of Donbas, Ukraine, and new understandings of the region emerging through contemporary cultural initiatives. The outcomes of these conversations — articles, dialogues, Telegram chats — propose a critical engagement with the collaborative process, its strengths and limitations, as well as with the unique and rich context of Donbas today. This book will be of interest for cultural practitioners, heritage professionals, artists, creative communities, researchers, and anyone interested in contemporary Ukrainian culture.


Alisa Lozhkina:
Permanent Revolution

This book is an attempt to draw the history of the development of visual art practices in Ukraine, from the birth of modernism to the present day, into a cohesive narrative. Particular emphasis is given to the period since independence. How has the language of art changed over the last century and a half? What role has turbulence played in this process as Ukraine has undergone a series of transformations from its provincial status on the edge of the Russian Empire, through the difficult stage of building socialism, all the way to achieving independence, the Orange Revolution, the Revolution of Dignity, and the coming challenges of its most recent history? This analysis offers a brief overview of the main events and phenomena in Ukrainian art, as well as a variety of illustrative material from dozens of museum and private collections, and the archives of artists and their families.


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