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Workbook for children The Shell No. 3

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The magazine can be purchased at PLATO in Ostrava from 2/3/2024 and at the Institute of Anxiety in Prague from 18/3/2024.

Price: 80 CZK

Special Thanks: European Union – Next Generation EU, Ministy of Culture Czech Republic, National Recovery Plan

PLATO published a new issue of the interspecies magazine and workbook for children's readers and their parents The Shell. The third issue is directly linked to the PLATO exhibition Escaped, Found a Hideout, Still on the Run (Animal News) and its theme of deepening sensitivity towards animal companions. It was created in collaboration with the art and research platform Institute of Anxiety, which publishes the magazine.

The authors of the pictorial contributions, reports, colouring pages, stories and impulses for games in the third issue are the artists of the exhibition and it also contains material created by children visitors to the exhibition. Parents, children and teachers will find, for example, new reports and a game about urban pigeons. They can follow the instructions to try to develop some of the animal senses, such as bat or butterfly. Also printed are a comic strip about a human-animal family in the rainforest, a weather forecast based on birds and a colouring history of canaries.

The Shell No. 3

Authors: Jana Adamec Tkáčová, Václav Girsa, Edith Jeřábková, Zdeněk Košek, Eva Kotátková, Denisa Langrová, Karolina Matušková & Lucie Zelmanová, Hana Puchová, Ruta Putramentaite, TV Páteř, Magdalena Šipka, Ivo Škuta, Lívie Škutová, Jiří Žák, Kateřina Konvalinová, Simona Kossak & Lech Wilczek and children and adult authors of drawings and artworks created in the editorial office Uprchchlá, found a hiding place, still escaping.

Editors: Eva Koťátková and Edith Jeřábková

200 copies, handmade

Printed by Risograph LISK (Lívie Škutová)

Sewn binding: Barbora Šidlová

Krunýř is a magazine for children's readers and their parents, aimed at deepening interspecies relationships, developing imagination and empathy and a non-binary vision of the world, through input questions, but also through games and activities that develop imagination, critical thinking and systems thinking, promote empathy and sensitivity to the immediate environment, but also motivate various forms of active citizenship.

The magazine is also intended for adults in the field of education who can use it to work with children's groups or otherwise be inspired by it in their own practice.

Launch of the magazine: 1/3/2024 at 5 pm at PLATO as part of the Editorial Meeting III and discussion with the authors of the exhibition Escaped, Found a Hideout, Still on the Run (Animal News)

Hand-printed on a risograph and hand-stitched, the magazine has a print run of 200. It can be purchased for 80 CZK at PLATO in Ostrava and at the Institute of Anxiety in Prague.

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