Octopus Press is a publishing platform of PLATO, a city gallery for contemporary art.

Barbora Přidalová

Purification I, 2020

  • video
    • 1’49”

Performance: Barbora Přidalová
Photography: Michael Rada
Sound: Jan Balcar
Curator: Edith Jeřábková
Production: Zuzana Šrámková

Purification of space by means of sound. Walking around perimeter walls of a building and ringing a bell.

The bell transforms current energetic patterns and clears the way for past energies to leave. In its final movement, the instrument copies the shape of an infinity sign, which helps to preserve new energy brought into the space. The ritual is part of a multiphase process of reconciliation of the past of the city slaughterhouse with the present of the city gallery.

In her work, Barbora Přidalová mainly explores conceptual photography. She has formed the duo Deceased Squirrel on the Phone (Stoned to Death Records) with the poet and artist Tomáš Přidal, where she plays percussion. They hold joint exhibitions and work on books on psychedelic themes together. She is currently interested in various ways how to develop a more mindful life. She lives and works in Brno.

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