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David Přílučík

Is it the flight or the fall what my friend is falling for?

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    • 12’08”

Author: David Přílučík
Year of Creation: 2023
Place of Creation: Ostrava
Technique: Video
Cooperation and Acknowledgements: Fuki, Michaela Klimšová, Patrik Molitor, Lubomír Kminiak, Patrik Pelikán, Jakub Adamec, Lucia Devečková, Edith Jeřábková, Eva Koťátková, Zuzana Šrámková, Jana Kozáková, Maja Štefančíková

Special Thanks: European Union – Next Generation EU, Ministy of Culture Czech Republic, National Recovery Plan

Reportage form the exhibition Escaped, Found a Hideout, Still on the Run (Animal News).

A long-term theme of David Přílučík is animals, which are often referred to by people as pests. David Přílučík focused on the life of Ostrava pigeons, accompanied by the activist and dancer Fuki. The film is a dance video with Fuki as the protagonist. His movements are derived from his observations of pigeons, alluding to the limits of human physicality. Fuki and David Přílučík want to show that pigeons are perceptive creatures with an interesting history strongly influenced by humans. They trace how myths are built up about pests and about species supposedly dangerous to humans. How animals that helped and saved people in the past (pigeons used to be employed by humans to carry mail and were also responsible for many of the successes of armies in wars) become persecuted pests a few years later. David Přílučík graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He is a member of the Studio Without Master and a winner of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award. He works for Artyčok TV, where, among other things, he created the three-part video series The Art of the Anthropocene (2019) in collaboration with Anna Remešová, and he works together with non-profit and activist organisations.

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