Octopus Press is a publishing platform of PLATO, a city gallery for contemporary art.


Expedition PLATO

  • video
    • 47’25”

Tour guide: Jan Lenart
Director: Jakub Gulyás
Production: Zuzana Šrámková
Prepared for Octopus Press by Edith Jeřábková and Daniela and Linda Dostálková

The PLATO Gallery staff venture out of the Bauhaus building to explore the challenging terrain of the urban and suburban Ostrava landscape and to get acquainted with its diverse layers and ruins—wild, agricultural, industrial and post-industrial. They are guided by Jan Lenart in a flowing, several-hour historical-geological-ecological-biological commentary.

The expedition took place within the year-round PLATO programme Oh and Hah, Beauty, Ruin and Slack as part of the first scene Metamorphosis.

Locations: Alexander mine Mining rail Zárubek central waste bank Jubilee colony of the Northern Rail Lihovarská waste bank Lime tree at Podborčí Jan Maria colony Miners’ bakery Mining rail guard house Defunct mines at Salma Lake dammed by a slag heap Petr Cingr slag heap U Pumpy colony Mining rail guard house Michal mine slag heap Einmannbunker

Jan Lenart is an assistant professor at the Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology at the University of Ostrava. Apart from research and education of students, he is engaged in interdisciplinary research and the popularization of landscape.

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