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Pigeon newspaper

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Authors: Jakub Adamec, Fuki, Edith Jeřábková, Eva Koťátková, Zuzana Šrámková
Graphic concept and design by Linda Dostálková
Year of creation: 2023
Place of creation: Ostrava
Technique: print, paper

Special Thanks: European Union – Next Generation EU, Ministy of Culture Czech Republic, National Recovery Plan

Pigeon News was published as part of Pigeon Hair Salon, a salon where Fuki styled people's hair according to specific breeds of pigeons as part of a campaign for a better relationship between humans and pigeons, right in the exhibition Escaped, Found a Hideout, Still on the Run (Animal News) at the city's contemporary art gallery PLATO.

Download the newspaper (in Czech)

Fuki, real name Nguyen Viet Tiep, is an Ostrava pigeon activist and professional barber. In addition to cutting hair, he also tattoos and breakdances, and has created graffiti in the past. In the exhibition, Fuki has taken on an unusual “campaign” for a better life for Ostrava's pigeons in the form of a pigeon hair salon, offering pigeon-inspired styling.

David Přílučík graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He is a member of the Studio Without Master and a winner of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award. He works for Artyčok TV, where, among other things, he created the three-part video series The Art of the Anthropocene (2019) in collaboration with Anna Remešová, and he works together with non-profit and activist organisations.

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